Project 03 first data reveal

Hi there! I’m Alexys!

I am pleased to announce a new project that I am working on for Raiyoru Games.

Project 03 Logo

I’ve been thinking about this idea for several months. I started using a simple framework for it, but after a while I realized that this framework was not going to be enough for what I had thought, so I chose to try new options, having to restart all the progress. But now I have a tool that will help me to take it forward faster.

As everyone knows, it’s exams time and because we are students, combining the studies with our own projects isn’t an easy task. We can’t invest all the time we would like to do it, but anyway, we are trying to keep everything up to date.Project 03 ShadowThe only thing I would like to say about this new game is that it will create a show in all your devices. So get ready! Keep watching this blog for futures updates to discover more details. For now…

What is this shadow telling you?

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  1. I’m looking forward to it!
    I will stay tuned for more news!

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